Commercial Renovations

commercial_renovationsWe perform complete turnkey renovations for stores, offices, banks, restaurants or apartments. We attend to everything from obtaining permits and removing violations to the finishing touches. Operations include furnishing and install of steel roll downward gates, store fronts using the latest architectural metals, stainless steel, brass, wood and aluminum in many different designs and colors.

Also walls, sheet rock walls, plaster and paint, cement, block and glass walls, drop ceilings using Armstrong tiles, metal, aluminum and vinyl rock tiles, electrical work design and layout of outlets, switches, lighting, new main electrical panels, filing ventilation, wiring and iron work, flooring in many different styles and shapes, ceramic tile, granite, marble, wood, maple and oak, vinyl and rubber, commercial carpet, plumbing work, water lines, drain and sewer lines, gas piping, ventilation, boiler and hot water tank installation, plumbing permits and sign offs, furniture supply, design and installation.


Residential Services

Custom Bathrooms & Kitchens

Let us create a bathroom or kitchen just for you! Our design will take into account your needs and the needs of your family, and we will make the most of the available space. Cabinets in eithercustom_kitchens wood or Formica and unbroken work surfaces make your life much easier. We will use the latest architectural designs and products. Our custom bathrooms feature mirrored walls, granite, marble floors, and ceramic tiles. We also offer imported Italian vanities, Jacuzzis, and noiseless water closets. Our prices are very reasonable, so why wait?

Florian Greenhouses

Wouldn’t you love to have a greenhouse attached to your home? No, you don’t have to have it filled with plants; you can use it as a glass-enclosed sitting or dining area year-round installed with heat & air conditioning, glass walls, windows and doors, carpet or tile/wood flooring and lighting.

Doors & Windows

Even with the best care in the world, windows and doors may not last forever. Call us when you need replacements. We can offer you wood, glass, metal, aluminum, iron, Plexiglas, and French doors in many different styles. If you are replacing older windows and doors, call us. We can supply you with architecturally correct styles.

Design Services




We will be pleased to help you with the design work for your project. This is one of the most important parts of any job, so please feel free to call on our services. For new up-to-date ideas, making your dreams come through is our top priority.





Electrical & Plumbing

If your project requires electrical or plumbing work, we can handle it for you. We are your total design-and-building contractors.


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